Beatrice Wood - Artist/Sculpture & "Mama of the Dada's" - Ojai, CA David Bowie - Diamond Dogs Tour - Los Angeles Eddie with Cezanne & Chagall - Los Angeles
Samburu Tribsman with Keith Haring t-shirt - Kenya Mark with Mask - Napa Portrait Of A Woman - Los Angeles
Woman With Yellow Shoes - Los Angeles Alan Rich, Actor - Los Angeles Boys on a Bus - Cairo, Egypt
Diz McNally, Actress/Comedian - "A Pink Flamingo" Ezekiel Carey & Jake, The Flamingos - "A Pink Flamingo" John Waters, Writer/Director/Producer - "A Pink Flamingo"
Herb Jeffries, Singer/Actor - "A Pink Flamingo" Chariot of Flamingos - Napa LA Kid - Los Angeles
Golden Woman with Stars - Los Angeles Liberace 1974 - Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas Seymour Heller - Personal Manager - Los Angeles
Marilyn - Los Angeles Mannequin in Window - Los Angeles Portrait of a Man - Los Angeles
Masai Tribe - Kenya Masai Tribsman with Vuarnet Glasses - Kenya Masai Woman - Kenya
Young Boy - Antigua, Guatemala Smoke Peace - Los Angeles Eye See You - Los Angeles